We are Community

This how to build a gardening community

This how to build a gardening community

In a group, not one person is more important than anyone else. But within that group, you will find leaders, followers, supporters and people who just want to belong. I get that. There is a need for all those types.

I used to think that I was a support person. I always volunteered to be the assistant leader. But somehow, I always ended up  being the leader. Oh did I grumble about that. But overtime, I learned to enjoy it.

For over 30 years I have been teaching others about organic gardening in the Arizona desert. I have even taught how to process organic meat in your own little residential backyard. Now that I have an acreage, I am ready to do more.

So, here is my intent. Nursing school will be out for me before Christmas. I will finally have time to do some of things that I lay awake at night thinking about.

Starting in January, I will be having a group get together on my property once a month. I have sent the call out “far and near” to friends that are absolute heroes in the garden. I have friends as far as Tonopah who say that they will come. I have Glendalians, and even some hippies from Tempe. I have nursing school chums, a few honey bee people, and some goat people. I have mainstream Christians, Muslims, beer drinking buddies and Atheists. If you really want to learn a thing or two; I have several of my LDS believer friends coming too.

The admission price is the following

Something from your abundance that you can share with others. Preferably produce from your garden, seedlings that you grew yourself, or seeds that you have saved. Because we grow all year round, it should be something different every month.

Those of you who are not gardeners are not to be left out. We want you here to glean and to learn. Your admission price is the following.

What does your abundance look like? Everyone has it. Do you bake the most awesome mini loaves of bread, cookies, candy etc? Do you crochet doilies, do you make soap, candles, lotion? Do you quilt potholders?  Bring several. I guarantee though, you will want to go home and plant a garden after this meeting. That is the point really.

I have a friend that will be teaching deep breathing exercises for goodness sake. The admission price is as diverse as your imagination and form of abundance.

I cannot guarantee that everyone will go home with some of everything, because there is no way of knowing how many will truly show up. There may end up being 5 of us, or there may 200. But you will go home with something= as well as some contacts for some new friends.

It has been suggested that I make this first one for adults only. Not that I do not love to hug and squeeze babies,  but because this will be a time of intense socializing and making new friends. Our absolute full attention will be needed in order to learn from so many different. people. We will do some child friendly get togethers in the future for my benefit.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to We are Community

  1. Jacque Bluth Gurney says:

    You, in the community, are a gem!!! I love your vision, your work ethic, your learning ethic, your sincerity …YOU! Looking forward to this! Prayers for you as you finish nursing school!

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