Moringa Seed Meg

This much growth in one season. Incredible!

This much growth in one season. Incredible!

Today was a day to learn something new. Well, I am not new to Moringa. I have long been an admirer. Though I have had a place in my heart for the tree, I have never grown one myself.

Before starting any new project, I research the heck out of it. I hate to try something new only to fail.

I called my friend Meg. I remember when she started growing Moringa trees several years ago. She was so excited and wanted to convert the world to its benefits. She still does. I was not quite ready back then. But I am now.

I gathered some friends to sit at her feet today and learn.

Meg was so generous, she brought about 50 seeds for  each of us, some green moringa powder, some capsules filled with moringa powder and a huge branch off of her tree. This branch had blossoms and young pods. We tasted the leaves, the flowers and the pod. Yum. Kind of fruity, kind of spicy.

She taught us how to sprout the seed, and encourage a stick to grow. She taught us the many nutritional benefits, and how to baby it during the summer sun and cold winter.

Give me a couple of years. I will have a virtual food forest!

Thank you Moringa Seed Meg.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Moringa Seed Meg

  1. mclevinson says:

    What a wonderful day that was! Thank you Donna for inviting me over to share my favorite superfood. Sharing Moringa Oleifera is an activity near and dear to my heart.
    Living in the desert as we do I believe it’s important to search out and propigate drought resistant superfoods. And unlike other desert superfoods, like prickly pear fruit, Moringa has no thorns!
    Should anyone want more information they are welcome to join the new Facebook group– Moringa in the Southwest.

    • As always Meg, it was a pleasure to have you here. Your love for the Moringa is so infectious. We all caught the bug. With your help; we will be growing trees and sharing seeds soon as well. I cannot wait for your next visit to the farm. You always have new and exciting things to share.

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