Easy seed starting in wicking cups.

A Black Krimm Tomato Plant

A Black Krimm Tomato Plant


I do not buy seedlings. I plant seeds. I use red solo cups because they are cheap. They are bright, they are fun and because of the song.

Recently for nursing school I had to come up with a teaching project for patients with depression. I choose gardening of coarse.

I have been teaching this method all over the valley for about 10 years. I developed it while thinking of my grandpa’s “wicking beds”. So I thought that I would use this  technique that I love so much to get a good grade.

Gardening as a coping  skill for depression.

Gardening as a coping skill for depression.

Step one, save the base of a plastic rotisserie chicken tray. This will hold up to 5 self watering cups.

Step 2 Punch a hole in the bottom of your red solo cup(s), just big enough to thread a 14 inch piece of mason twine through.

Step 3 Thread your twine through the hole. Make sure that   you have about 4 inches coming out of the bottom.

Step 5 Fill the cup about half way with your soil mix. Make sure that your string is coming up out of the mix in the center. Now, plant a seed in the center.

This is the magical part. You must remember that the magic is in the wick. Place your solo cup into the black plastic tray. Your bottom wick must be in the basin at all times. Your top wick must be inside the cup at all times. Now, all you have to do is keep water in the tray.

Your seedling will never be over watered or under watered. As your seedling grows, snug it up with a little more soil. Soon, it will be ready to transplant into your garden.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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