We Have an Incubator!

7 green eggs. 4 brown, 1 duck and still adding.

7 green eggs. 4 brown, 1 duck and still adding.

I say “we” because I have a found another way to share my life’s abundance.

I bought 10 heritage Road Island Red chicks and raised them in the bathtub. I picked this breed because they are dual purpose, they grow fast, they are great foragers and they are very pretty. They do not lay as many eggs as the newer RIR, but I love all their other qualities.

Out of 10 chicks, I ended up with 3 maybe 4 girls. They should start laying soon. I kept the largest boy. He is beautiful and is very good to his girls. The rest of the males have gone to camp Maytag.

I called my friend to get more chicks and she is not currently hatching anymore. So now what? I got an incubator. This is adding to my fun on the farm, and my mom is excited to be part of the process.

Since I do not have any fertile eggs yet to hatch, I asked a friend who has an Americana Roo if I could make her a deal. Though she has a flock of mixed breed hens, she does have some Americana hens. That would make any green eggs that she has purebred chicks. Since I am not really interested in keeping mixed breeds at this point; I told her that if she would give me some green eggs, I would give her half of the chicks that hatch.

I love this bartering stuff- everybody wins!

I would say that is a pretty sweet deal by itself. But she was so excited about this project, she offered me some fertile duck eggs and some brown eggs and told me that she did not care about purebreds, she would take the mixed chicks.

Today, I placed 7 green eggs, 4 brown eggs and 1 duck egg in the incubator. She will continue to give eggs to me until we get it filled up.

So 21 days from now, I will be inviting neighborhood kids to watch chicks hatch. The duckling will take 28 days. But obviously we will have different due dates, depending on when the eggs go in the incubator.

How will I keep track? I can write the date on the egg with a lead pencil. That will not harm the  developing baby. I can also keep the eggs lined up and make a grid of which eggs are due when.

Hooray for incubators!


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to We Have an Incubator!

  1. Joe Mammino says:

    OMG you are really something Donna. Someone that we all wish for a neighbor :-).

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