Multigenerational Living on the Farm

The Waltons? Not really. I am not living on my parents farm. I think that it would be difficult to have family members move in full time or permanently. But I have discovered a great way to experience the benefits of multigenerational living without the commitment.

Steve and I have a huge 4 bedroom house on acreage. We have a big dog, farm animals and lots of very kind neighbors.

I am in my last block of nursing school.

Earlier this year, my daughter presented me with a brand new grandson and she started a 2 year dental hygiene course.

My son and his wife have brought a second grandson into our family. They both work full time, but my daughter-in-law will get 12 weeks off and return to work the first of the year.

My mom is a widow who feels bored and lonely in another town about 2 hours away. We have all been way too busy to take the time to visit her.

So what is a daughter-mother-grandmother to do. I put all these situations into my thinker and got it all worked out.

This is what we are currently doing that is working out so well.

My mom and her little dog ‘Sprite” have come to stay with me until I graduate from nursing school. (December 14).  Mom loves staying at the farm and enjoys the livestock. Her little dog has room to run and play. Sprite is a terrier and her job is to kill gophers and crickets. For 3 days a week, my daughter drops my grandson off on her way to school . Mom takes care of our little Boy-Wonder while I go to school. I have programmed the phone numbers of several of my new friends into mom’s phone in case she finds that she needs help. Steve keeps my mom’s car maintained and we all feel like we are doing our part to keep this family healthy and happy.

On the weekends, my mom can stay, but she usually chooses to go home, or go and visit my son and his wife. That way, we all get a break from each other.

In December, I will graduate from nursing school and plan on taking over the care of my grandson. At that point my mom plans on moving in with my son ( he lives an hour away)to take care of the newest little one when his momma returns to work. My mom can then take her break on the weekends by coming to stay with me on the farm.

Everybody feels useful, everyone is cared for, everyone is grateful. No one gets too much of each other.

Everybody wins! Hooray for multigenerational living.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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