Weeds- Friends or Foe(s)

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For years I saw myself as a vegetable gardener. My precious vegetables were the apple (or tomato) of my eye. Weeds were the enemy. They competed with the plants for the precious minerals that make the plants healthy enough to provide nutritious food for us. Education alert! Weeds are natural, they are heirlooms, they are aggressive, they come back year after year, over and over because they are awesome survivors. They know how to survive in your yard with very little water or attention. They will soon take over the world! Oh well, let’s not get carried away. But, our shy little passive vegetable plants could take a lesson. They can and we will talk about that later when I do a post about seed saving.

I have spent hours pulling the weeds to keep them from my garden beds. Over time,  I realized that weeds are so efficient at mining the minerals from the soil, that I allowed them to grow in the walkways, so that I could harvest them before they went to seed. I would put them in my compost piles to add the minerals back into the soil. I am so smart!

I also watched my goats and chickens. They instinctively know which plants seem to have more of the minerals. So, I thought that maybe I should try eating them; and I have. I took clippings of some of the animal’s favorite weeds and ate them fresh or steamed. Steve watched in horror and refused to participate. But I did not die.

Now that I have moved into a community that thinks more like I do (poor Steve), I have met a couple of ladies that actually harvest weeds (on purpose) to feed their families. I have an acre and a quarter of Bermuda grass and weeds. So I have invited these ladies over to tell me about the weeds that they see growing on my property. That way, I too can proudly prepare weed dishes to feed my family.

Of course as always, I will share from my ABUNDANCE with my new friends. Stay tuned as I graciously allow my friends to harvest and take home baskets of weeds to share with their families.




About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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