My Man Cody

Cody on his blue towel

Cody on his blue towel

It has been my intention to turn this rescue dog of mine into a gentleman. The transformation is indeed taking place.

Cody is being taught to sit and wait for me to enter or exit a door first and then turn around to him and then invite him in or out.

He is a very smart boy. He spends a lot of time alone with me and truly understands me when I talk to him. The other day a friend came to visit. Cody and I went out to greet her. When I walked in the door, I forgot my commands and turned around and invited her in. Cody thought that I was inviting him in and brushed past her. But once inside, he looked and her and went back out and sat down to wait for her to enter. My friend said “Wow! What a gentleman he is!”

Yesterday, he was  tripping me up in the kitchen, while I cooked. So I pulled out an old towel and told him to sit on it. He did not want to at first. But soon realized that from his towel, he could see me in the kitchen-down the hall and in the dining room. It has been less than 24 hours and he has adopted that towel as his place.  He even laid there last night when we ate dinner. Good boy!

This morning, I took him out to the pasture and allowed him to  bring his “keep-away toy”. I will not play keep away with him. He will learn to fetch it for me. Finally after he tired of me not chasing him, he came and sat down. I asked him for the toy, and he gave it to me. I tossed it so that he could run and chase it. He brought it back to me about 5 times and then reverted back to keep-away. So we went into the house.

What is the secret? I am not a trainer. But I think that having only one dog is the secret. It also helps that I am on break from school and spend several hours per day with him. He has bonded with me and not another dog or person. He loves Steve, but does not listen to him the way that he listens to me. He pays very close attention to me and tries to figure out what I want from him. Of course, he loves it when I praise him with both hands. He also likes to sit on my feet and then allow me to bend down and give him a chest rub.

Give  us a year. My Man Cody, will be a gentleman indeed.



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