Having Fun with Cheese Making

Goat milk is whiter than cow milk

Goat milk is whiter than cow milk

I had the book, I really did. It is the cheese making book that most of my friends have. I did not really read it yet. I was waiting. I loaned it to a friend and forgot who it was that I loaned it to. Apparently she forgot from whom she borrowed it. If you are reading this, I still love you just please bring back my book. Put it on my door step if you are too embarrassed; I do not care and I will never know the difference.

Ok, onward. Cheese making amazes me! You have a lovely little goat. You feed her well. You have her bred, you rejoice in the birth (of her son). You get to play with one of the funnest little creatures on earth. Once he is weaned, you get all of his momma’s milk to yourself. All that joy and all that milk!

Bambi and Little Festus

Bambi and Little Festus


Now, you milk your little goat  twice per day. Bambi is a Nigerian Dwarf. This is her second freshening. She is giving me 6 cups of milk per day. That is a lot for such a little girl. There is no way in the world that Steve and I will ever drink that much milk. But we will eat it.

So today I made chevre. Well, it is kind of like chevre. The process is the same, except I used buttermilk culture powder instead ( I ran out of the chevre culture). The result was a happy accident! It was smoother, creamier and tangier than chevre. We both liked it better. We had it tonight for dessert with an ice cold fig.

What is so amazing about cheese making?

Please refer to the picture at the top of the post.

I took 2 quarts of beautiful- white- sweet- raw goat milk and ended up with 15 oz of this luscious- creamy-whiter than white- yummiest spreadable cheese EVER CREATED ( ok, enough Donna) and still had 5 cups of whey left over.  Whey in itself is a very valuable commodity, but I will save that post for later. I need something for the “W” post after all.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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