Something for Cody’s Fans

click here to see Cody play with his new toy


I am supposed to be a farm dog. But mom has been patient. I am still a house dog that goes outside several times per day. I would love to be a lap dog, but mom keeps pushing me off of her lap when she sits on the floor- and I am not allowed on the furniture (darn!).

I sleep in the crate in the guest room. Mom or dad (whoever is up first) lets me out to take care of business. The front yard is very shady and I have my kiddie pool out there. I stay outside for longer periods of time each day.

Then mom lets me in and feeds me. After breakfast, she and I go out back to do the chores. The back is not totally fenced in yet, so mom has to put me on a leash to go out there. Mom has taught me to sit (like a gentleman) whenever she puts a leash on us, or takes it off. I heel carefully with her to the backyard shade tree and she transfers me from our leash to the cable that is attached to the tree.

She does not need to do that because I would stay with her-but one time I scared her. I was following her around while she milked the goats, fed the animals and cleaned the chicken cage. A wild rabbit ran across the property and I got so excited! I ran after it. I heard her call me, I could tell that she was afraid for me. We have a pack of coyotes that live behind the big fence. But I could not help myself. It was like I had gone crazy. Then I heard  her yell “CODY SIT” That got my  attention. Silly me, I sat down; right there in the middle of the field. My mind came back and I looked at her. Was she mad? No. She told me to stay, so I did. After my mind came totally back, she said “Cody come!” So I did. She sat down in the dirt and loved me with both hands. I told her that I was sorry.

So she clips me to the cable while she does her chores. But after she is done, she takes me off the cable and lets me run around a little bit. I smell the fence line and pee on it. I want to show the coyotes that a real dog lives here.

When she has to leave, she leaves me in the front yard with my kiddie pool and shade trees. I do not try to get out anymore, because I have learned that she loves me and always come back.

The rest of the day is spent indoors at her feet. She says that she is going to teach me to stay out of the kitchen. But I love it when she is on the computer. Because her feet are so comfortable to lay my head on. I hate when she gets up to go to the bathroom. She shuts the door and I have to lay with my nose to the crack of the door to make sure that she is ok in there.

When dad comes home she lets me out to greet him at the gate. The other day he said “you know, I really did not want another dog, but this boy has stolen my heart.” Mission accomplished! He likes to make sure that mom is feeding me and taking care of me properly.

Sometimes she takes me for rides in the car. I have been able to go inside the feed store and the pet store with her, but that is not very often. I am pretty strong and she has to work hard to make me behave when there are other dogs in there. I heard her say that we need to go to an obedience class because she needs some training. If we go, I will try to be very patient with her while she learns to behave.



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2 Responses to Something for Cody’s Fans

  1. carma says:

    cute! As with the hubby, I just got a puppy this week…….I must be crazy…….It will work out for both of us……Cody has a new friend, Rocky!

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