A Friend for Cody

Scooby and Cody have something in common.

Scooby and Cody have something in common.

Since I adopted Cody, Rescue Deb and I have kept in touch. Though he is truly catching on to his new home, Rescue Deb asked if she and her husband (Rescue Rich) could stop by and visit him.

When they came to the front gate, it was obvious that Cody remembered them. That dangerous tail wound up like a wind up toy. It was so nice to see that even Cody gets excited when friends come to visit.

Mr and Mrs Recue, expressed their great pleasure at seeing Cody’s new home and how well he is fitting in. She stated that she couldn’t have wished for a better home for him. She said that she always knew that Cody had a big heart. Though she worried that there would be no other dogs here for him to play with, she could see that he is becoming bonded to us and knows that he is being groomed to do a very important job. She says that once he gets it figured out; that it will be his joy to perform his job in a manner that pleases us. After all, Cody is a people pleaser. That’s ok by me.

She also mentioned that though she thought that he was pit and lab, now that she sees how big he is getting-she thinks that he has  Great Dane in him. Not a surprise to us.

Ruhk Row!


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One Response to A Friend for Cody

  1. charie says:

    That is awesome he is acclimating 🙂 you did say you wanted a miniature horse right?

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