A New Story About Sharing!

giving makes you feel good

giving makes you feel good



I love this stuff. I love the stories, and I love to tell them.

You all know that I am a giver. Not of money necessarily, but of my time and talents.

When someone comes to visit-it is common for me to give them things that I produced from my abundance. My friends might go home with vegetables, canned goods, eggs from my hens, milk-cheese or yogurt from my goat or even half of a pie that I had just baked (sorry Steve).

I do not give to get something in return. I give for the pure joy of it. Some people are surprised by this oddity, some express so much gratefulness that it overwhelms me.

Recently, it seems that the tide has turned and many of my longtime friends have brought me gifts. A jar of homemade salsa, some spaghetti sauce (that is out of this world), and some homemade caramel sauce. Where is my spoon! Wow!

One lady who I mentor in gardening, recently had a beef processed for her freezer. This was not run of the mill, bermuda fed-male- dairy calf either. This was a purely pastured young angus.

Anyway-my friend knows of my fondness for truly pastured beef. She gave me what she called “suet”, which is the fat that comes from the kidney area of the animal. It is highly prized in Real Food cooking. She also gave me some liver and ground beef.

I was overjoyed at this gift from her abundance and asked what prompted this generosity.   She reminded me that I am not the only one who gets pleasure from giving.

Now there are those out there who must check the going price of everything that they “share” from their kitchens. I get that. We are all different, and that is a wonderful thing. My message is not necessarily for them.

But for those of you who are true givers, this is for you. So here’s to you. You never know what your act of kindness will mean to someone else.









About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to A New Story About Sharing!

  1. charie says:

    I am blessed to call you friend.

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