New Farm, New Home

We can do this

We can do this

I know that most of my readers have heard me say the I need a farm.

I have been teaching organic year round gardening in the desert for about 30 years. During that time I have kept goats, chickens, rabbits, tilapia, meal worms, and red wiggler bins. All in the comfort of a less than 7,000 sq ft lot. But because my motto is “keep it clean, keep it quite” we did very well.

I have also made lots of friends by helping them out when they needed help. I look for opportunities to share from my abundance, educate others, encourage and barter.

Well, guess what. I am now camping out in my new farm home. The furniture and appliances are not here yet. But there is a bed, a computer and a  stove. I supplied the ice chests.

But now that I am here, I am feeling just a bit overwhelmed. I am still stuck in this chair studying. But I am building goat pens and keeping baby chicks in the bathroom until they are old enough to go outside. I have adopted a slightly neurotic (yet extremely lovable) rescue dog in the hopes that he will grow up to a livestock guardian. He will, but for now he is a giant lap dog who is afraid of the goats.

We had a grandson born to us and another on the way. I will be a nurse by Christmas (please pray for me). So blessed and so busy, I forget what day it is most of the time.

But I have my farm, and though it is a steep learning curve to work so much land; I have friends coming out of the woodwork that want to return old favors, or just help the new kid on the block.

All I can say right now is Thank you God!”


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to New Farm, New Home

  1. Diane says:

    Hang in there; the next six months might get tough, but you can DO it!

    • Thank you Diane. Though I am pretty overwhelmed at the moment, I am really looking forward this new segment of my life. It is encouragement from friends like you that will make this more fun.

  2. cg517 says:

    Congrats on the new home! I think having baby chicks in the bathroom is a riot! Would love to see that!

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