A Furever Home For Cody


Cody and Mom

Cody and Mom


(Dog speak for Hello),

Ever since I can remember my name has been Cody. My first memory is of my mommy dog and litter mates. We had a human family that made kissy faces at us. They loved us and played with us.

One day my human family took us to a place with lots of dogs that were in little cages. They were not very happy. My human family left me there. I was pretty sad.

Baby Cody

Baby Cody


Then one day a lady came to see me. They called her “Rescue Deb”. She made kissy faces at me and said that she could help me to become a “Nice Boy”. She put a collar and leash on me and took me to her farm. Every day, she would teach me how to “be nice”. She said that a lot to  me.

Then one day, a family came to see me. They made kissy faces at me. Rescue Deb told them that I was a “Nice Dog”, but that they would have to remind me. They put a collar and leash on me and took me to live at their house. Pretty soon they forgot about me. They forgot to remind me to be a “Nice Boy”. I had no-one to play with and got pretty bored, so when the door was left open one beautiful day, I decided to go look for a friend to play with. I got so carried away that I went too far and got lost. A man came to help me and took me to that place with all the sad dogs in the cages.

The next day “Rescue Deb” came to get me. I heard her say that there was a chip in my neck with her name on it. She called my family, but they decided that they no longer wanted me. So she took me back to her farm and reminded me everyday how to be a “nice dog.

One day a lady came to see me. She made kissy faces at me and she smelled soooo good! Rescue Deb told her that I was a “Nice Dog” The lady said “Yes,  but I will teach him to be a “real gentleman” She put a collar and a leash on me and put me in her car. She gave me a treat. She called it a “Liver Cookie”. She told me that she made them for me. That is what she smelled like. No one has ever made me a liver cookie.

She has lots of names; Momma Donna, Grandma Donna, Sexy Donna, Silly Donna. But I will call her Mom. She is my human. She calls me Handsome Boy, Sweet Boy, Lover Dog, Cody and sometimes Hank. It does not matter because she loves me and I am her dog.

I do not know what a “real gentleman” is, but if that is what she wants me to be, then a “real gentleman” is what I will be.



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6 Responses to A Furever Home For Cody

  1. Susan says:

    Bless you for adopting this precious furkid. Circumstances in my life right now are keeping me from adopting a dog, though I think of getting one almost every day. Enjoy your sweet boy and give him a hug and a kiss for me.

    • Thank you for your response Susan. I must admit that I have so much going on in my life right now, that I was very concerned about taking this on. But Cody has been very patient with me. I have decided to allow him to write more posts. He did a pretty good job with this one.

  2. divaskychick says:

    Beautifully written. Thanks for caring and sharing!

  3. cg517 says:

    Thought Cody’s writing his story was just great!

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