Livestock Guardian Dogs

This is not a dog.

This is not a dog.

After my last blog post, I received tons of private messages from people that had great advice about which livestock guardian animal to get; in order to deter coyotes from our new property.

One suggested geese, guineas and peacocks. Though a very nice idea for some, it is my intention to be an excellent neighbor. I used to live next door to a lady that had a peacock. That will not work for me.

Donkeys or llamas got a lot of votes too. That thought intrigued me.

But my favorite was the suggestion that it was time to get a (some) dog(s).

With that idea in mind, I looked into the popular LGD breeds. My favorite were the Anatolian Shepard and the Great Pyrenees. There are lots of people in town that are selling pups right now, so they are certainly available.

But after speaking with lots of friends who actually own plain old “Farm Dogs” this is what I have found. We will not have bears or cougars, we may have coyotes. Most of these farmers say that just having a large breed dog on the place, goes a long way in causing the occasional coyote to pass by our address and look else were for their meal.

There are tons of large breed pups that head to the pound, or to a shelter once the “cute” wears off. Dogs that would love a second chance, that might not get one because they were not taught perfect indoor manners while they were still small enough to cuddle and sleep with. Fortunately, I am not looking for small or even cute. I have bunnies for that. I am looking for big and scary.

I have talked to a couple of farm dog rescues that have taken in such dogs. These rescues have evaluated these young dogs on such points as “already housebroken”, “good with kids”, “and “good with livestock” etc. I have decided that I would like a big dog with a deep voice that has been neutered or spayed. One that has been house broken would be nice, so that he/she could be invited inside.

But they would have a job to do. This wonderful beastie will not only make a presence that would intimidate coyotes, but also be my companion to chase away monsters that come out when Steve has to go out of town on business.


I have made some appointments to go and visit some of these dogs. I am not in a hurry. I will be very choosey. But you know me, it won’t be long until ‘Sharing Life’s Abundance Farm” has a new mascot.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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