Talk about Sharing!

Chain of  sharing

Chain of sharing

This is so exciting, I just had to share.

In one of the forums that I belong to, a chain of events is occurring that is so amazing to me.

So, I live in Chandler; which is east of Phoenix. A farmer in our group asked for black berry starts and pomegranate trimmings. I told him that he could have some of mine from my black berry bush. A lady in Glendale, which is North and east of me told him that he could have some of her Pomegranate trimmings. The problem is that he lives in Tucson.

Now, you have to pay  attention to follow this one. My daughter is having her baby shower in March. So, my mom (who lives in Tucson) is coming to spend the weekend at my house to go to the baby shower. My son (who lives in Glendale) is coming to bring his wife to the baby shower and to see my mom. So we worked it out. The lady in Glendale will bring her pomegranate trimmings to my son, he will deliver them to my house when he comes to see my mom. I will give my mom the blackberry starts and she will take this abundance to Tucson. When I mentioned this to the farmer in Tucson, he said that he will get with my mom before hand and give her some abundance from his farm to bring to us.

Who’s to say where this lovely chain of events will end? Me, I hope that it never does.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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