A Diamond in the Desert


Diamonds are many facetted

Diamonds are many facetted

You all know that I am a farm hopper. I like to meet people who are doing what I like to do. I usually find them in face book forums. I belong to over 30 forums that talk about chickens, goats, gardens, farms, organic food, etc.

Because of this, over the years, I have gathered friends who garden, friends who keep chickens, rabbits, and goats.

Most recently, I put the word out that I am looking for friends who know a thing or two about growing fruit trees and blue berries in the desert.

During that discussion I met (online) a woman who lives in the far, far west valley who grows fruit trees. I asked if I could come and visit her property. I am so glad that I did!

This lady invited me to come for lunch. It took me over an hour to get to her place. I was beginning to think that I should have brought a sleeping bag. But on the way, I had time to think how fortunate I was that I had a car, a tank full of gas and a husband who kept me on a very long leash. I am pretty spoiled I know.

When I pulled up to the lady’s home, I could see that I was in for a real treat. There were beautiful shade trees and flowering bushes, there were flower beds and winding pathways. One pathway lead to the east facing front porch that was complete with white chairs to relax in.

We chatted about how she bought and designed this place herself; as she gave me a tour of her property. I got to meet her pampered goats and chickens. I got to see her beautiful raised bed vegetable and flower gardens, and then I got to see her orchard.

Over lunch (and dessert) I asked about her vision for the place. She wants to bring people together somehow. I suggested that she teach a bread making class or bring someone in to teach a class and just see how it goes having people over. Then she could go from there. She said “But who would come to my class?” (She doesn’t know me very well; do she?) I said,” You put together a class and tell me when it is. I will bring a couple of car loads. We will get your people here.

I left full of excitement. I know she said that she felt our visit was an answer to prayer. But what she does not realize is that it was the shot in the arm that I needed too. Man, I love this stuff!

So what about the Diamond in the Desert? Yes, her place was truly an oasis. It is by far the prettiest little property that I have seen since coming to Arizona. But she showed me the before pictures. It was nothing more than a flat desert lot. SHE designed this beautiful place from the visions in her heart. This place is a reflection of her, her many talents and who she is; deep down inside. I guess that means that SHE is the diamond of whom I speak.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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