Mommy Donna’s Tiger Story

Mommy would protect you.

Mommy would protect you.

It is Saturday, I am bored. I am studying my brains out for nursing school. My final is Wednesday, then I have 3 weeks off.

We have been prequalified and think that we might have found the right place for our little dream farm. This house is officially going on the market on Feb 2nd. So we are very busy.

My daughter is due to bless me with my first grandchild in May and our discussions bring back so many memories for me. My two were really easy for this single mom to raise. We had lots of precious moments. I have a very active imagination and made up lots of fun stories with them. Here is something that they both remember.

We were talking about mommies and what makes them love their babies so much.

I told them that the minute that the baby is born, God does something magical to her. He gives her magic powers. Those powers give her the ability to know stuff. She can wake from a sound sleep when the baby changes his/her breathing pattern. She knows before he does that he is going to cry. Her magical powers tell her if he is crying because he is hungry, hurting, needs changed or just needs the comfort of mommy’s snuggly arms. These magical powers help mommy know just what to do and when.

Something else that God gives mommies is a love for this baby that they have never felt for any other being. This baby quickly becomes the reason that she lives. As long as this mommy lives, that baby will be protected and cared for as much she can provide.

Where does the tiger fit in? So my little boy interrupted my story and asked “But what if a hungry tiger comes to eat the baby?” The answer is one that every mommy and daddy knows. Mommy or daddy would step in front of the child to protect him from the tiger.

That is the word picture that my son needed in order to understand the depth of a mommies love. His response was so sweet. “Wow, you really do love us, but I would fight the tiger for you mommy!” My little hero.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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