Did I Mention Mentors?

Imparting wisdom

Imparting wisdom

Of coarse I did. It is in my daily vocabulary.

When I am asked how I got started in this lifestyle-the answer is mentors.

My grandpa was my gardening and rabbit mentor. He instilled in me the love of gardening. It has stayed with me as a strong compelling force (a passion) that has caused me to plant vegetables wherever I have lived. In an apartment complex, in a trailer park or house with a yard and  someday very soon a home on an acreage.

Also because of him, I have raised rabbits since I was 12.

My microbiology teacher  was my compost gardening mentor, although she did not realize it, my questions in class pushed her in that direction.  She went willingly because she was excited to have a student that was so eager to learn.

When I wanted to learn about chickens, I sought out several chicken owners. When I wanted to learn about goats, I sought out several goat owners.  You get the drift. I also  read everything that I could get my hands on regarding the desired subject matter. By doing this, I got several opinions. What works for one may not work for you. The goal is to find someone that is successful at achieving what it is that you want to achieve. Someone that you can relate to and that can put things in terms that you understand. A good mentor will help you skip a lot of wasted time and heartache.  Not everyone wants to mentor, or is capable of being a good mentor. Sometimes the best way to be mentored is to just hang around and offer to shovel goat poop and never mention the “M” word at all.

When I was a young mom, I helped to start a “Titus 2 Ministry” class at our church. You know the concept of “older women teaching the younger women how to —“. I knew that I wanted a mentor. There was an older lady there that seemed to have it all together.  I wanted to learn from her, but when I approached her with the “M” word; it made her nervous. Had I just invited her to coffee and shared some of my issues-it would have just happened naturally. As it turned out, I was chosen to be a mentor for a younger mommy. I enjoyed the experience, but I did not get what I was after.

Nowadays, I have naturally moved in to the mentoring role with many people. I mentor from my garden, my kitchen, my quilting room, and with my animals. Sometimes all someone wants to learn from me is just about living life, love and the ability to find their “happy” in the most unlikely places.

Most recently, as I struggle to understand this “blogging thing” I find myself in search of mentors once again.  I am realizing that life is a circle of mentors-mentees-mentors-mentees. As I look at myself I realize that I am always wanting to learn something new, while very capable of mentoring something to someone else.                                      .

Just as I hope to find  good mentors to enrich my life, I feel compelled to provide quality mentorship to the lives of others.

What is it that you are willing to share through mentoring?


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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