Arcadia Edible Garden Tour

Twice a year, some residents in a Phoenix neighborhood that we call “Arcadia” put on a beautiful show for us. These residents are gardeners. Some of them focus on vegetables, some of them mix it up with vegetables and beautiful flower gardens. There are a few that even add fruit trees, chickens, ducks and goats to the mix.

They gather together and advertise ahead of time so that we can purchase a ticket. Then they send us a map, so that on tour day, we can drive the route and visit all of the gardens.

I have gone several times, I learn so much from each place. There is so much inspiration to learn from. I have been taking Steve the last few times. He is my Ferdinand, he loves the flowers, the trees and the beautiful places to sit and enjoy the view. This year my daughter Mandy came with us.

Steve really loved this particular garden last spring. So he was really excited to be able to chat with the owner “Hal” this time. I was off visiting with my friend “Lylah” who is the owner of “The Simple Farm” She was one of the vendors, so I got to buy some of her amazing goat milk caramels.

Tonight, when I went to download the pictures from the camera; I found no pictures from this lovely place. Though we both had a great time chatting, neither one of us took the time to take pictures.

But  guess what? I have pictures that Steve took in the Spring. Yay! So with an apology to Jill (Hal’s  wife), I will share the spring photos.

Steve adored this garden shed. He wanted to sit on the loveseat and pretend that this was our yard.

The garden shed at The  Sweet Life Garden

The garden shed at The Sweet Life Garden

Some of “The Sweet Life Garden” beds.

The Sweet life Garden  Beds

The Sweet life Garden Beds

“The Sweet Life Garden” strawberries growing in the shade.


Steve really liked the flower beds along the fence in front of the property.



News Flash! This just in. My daughter Mandy realized my dilemma and sent me this picture. Her favorite thing about this garden was the way they used the half barrels as planters and filled them with flowers and herbs.


You can bet that we will be going again next year. We want to bring more family members. After all, it is just one of the ways that we Share Our Life’s  Abundance!


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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