More Grass Fed Meat-Sheep

Built for meat

Built for meat

In preparation for the move to the farm, I have been researching grass fed meat animals and their different breeds.

This is what I have found out about sheep. They eat grass. If I am going to plant a sustainable year round pasture anyway, then I could raise sheep pretty cheaply. I would have to buy a lady sheep (ewe) and have access to a gentleman sheep (ram) or artificial insemination (AI). I would need to buy a mineral source (salt lick). Then I could have the ewe bred and start raising lambs (grass fed meat).

In my search for the right breed, I realized that I do not like woolly sheep. I had one when I was a kid. All that wool can get pretty dirty, stinky and infested. It looks very hot (not sexy hot, increased temperature hot) and uncomfortable. I like tidy animals anyway. So I found hair sheep. Their body covering looks more like a deer hide. Cooler? That only makes sense. Can you just see me shearing a sheep every year? Nope, not me.

Then I took it one step further. The reason that I chose Nigerians, Nubians and Boer goats is because they originate from Africa and can deal with the arid desert climate. If I want healthy happy animals why would I choose an animal that originated in to come and live with me in the desert? That is not very nice.

I found it! A hair sheep, that is built for meat and originates in Africa! Walla!

Can you say Dorper?





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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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