True Cinnamon?



Will the real cinnamon please stand up?

Will the real cinnamon please stand up?

A  couple of years ago, several of my favorite trusted mega bloggers were sharing the idea that there was a true cinnamon and a cinnamon that was not a true cinnamon. The statement was being made that Ceyla cinnamon was the true cinnamon. It had all the health benefits that cinnamon was said to have and that cassia cinnamon had none of the super powers that we have always heard that true cinnamon had. It has actually been said that eating too much cassia cinnamon could have negative affects on our health.

After reading several articles, I started buying only Ceyla cinnamon. I use a lot of it in the fall, for flavoring drinks, baked goods, oatmeal and even meat dishes.

My mom was telling me that she read an article about the benefits of cinnamon and honey; so naturally I got out my bottle of Ceyla cinnamon to show her. After my mom left a friend stopped by and saw the bottle sitting on my counter. I told her what I “knew”. I also told her that I had shared this bottle as “Donna’s Favorite Amazon Product” on my Face Book page. I had prepared a post about it for the blog and was interested to see what the response would be.

My friend shared with me about how one of my favorite mega bloggers had written an article refuting the original information. So, I read that article and was pretty disappointed. How frustrating!

What are we supposed to believe? I do not consider myself a professional blogger, or an informational blogger. I am a lifestyle blogger. I just write about what is going on in my little world.

So here is what I am doing. I prefer the flavor and the smell of the Ceyla Cinnamon over the Cassia Cinnamon. For now, I am not going to do a knee jerk thing. I made an order to re-stock my near empty bottle and changed the blog post.


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4 Responses to True Cinnamon?

  1. Allison K says:

    Well, according to my favorite food nerd, Alton Brown, Cassia is actually better for baking, BUt in the Netherlands, the gov’t is actually talking about limiting the amount of cinnamon that bakers are allowed to use in their dough because of the coumarin that is created during the baking process. Some agencies even insist that eating too much Cassia cinnamon can damage your liver, and that the amount that danish bakers put in their cinnamon rolls is henough to be harmful.
    THis has been further studied in Missippi, and it turns out there is a sensitivity involved, but how do we know how is sensitive to it? THey note that Cassia has anywhere from 15 times to 63 times as much coumarin as Ceylon, but that most people cannot taste the difference.

  2. I have no idea which might be better for your health, but I use both Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. All things in moderation, I think, but then I am no expert! Then there’s sassafras root, which we made tea with when I was little but now is supposed to be bad for you. I think we all need a research specialist on duty! 😀

  3. Dave, I appreciate your comment. I am an all things in moderation person too. It makes life a mcu happier place. At least for me.

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