Tearing Down the Current Gardens

Here is a pile that they left for me to go through today.

Here is a pile that they left for me to go through today.

My regular readers know that we are in the process of searching for our future home on an irrigated acre. This will take a little time because Steve and I each have things that are important to us.

I have several friends who have older homes on acreage that have leaky roofs, bad plumbing, and septic tank issues. Most of those homes have no updates and are not what Steve would call “asthetic”. But that does not bother me. The outside of the house is more important to me. The land, the water source, trees, no pool, fencing, outbuildings; those are the things that I am most interested in.

Steve says that he wants a large, newer, updated home, with a work shop.

We would like all of our needs met within a certain price range. Sounds like an episode for “Farm Hunters”. Maybe I should contact that TV Network to have them help us find the right place.

In the meantime-we are getting this house ready for the market. My backyard is not ready to entertain realtors and buyers looking for an HOA type home. So, we have decided to tear down the four garden beds that are 4 ft X 4o ft, the drip system to those beds and the shade that Steve built for it.

We will leave the  four 4×4 ft beds, and the four 4X8 beds that surround the pool. I will go ahead and plant the fall vegetables in them. We will also leave the drip system intact for those beds. The buyers of this home will get the best of both worlds.

By the time this home goes on the market it will have a large lawn area for the kids to play, a pool and a lovely small vegetable garden. Well-not so small. It will be almost 200 square feet of garden space.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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5 Responses to Tearing Down the Current Gardens

  1. Treasa Birchett says:

    I see nest boxes in the back if you decide to sell them let me know

  2. Kelea Nevis. says:

    I think we need before and after pictures! You’re an amazing couple Donna! Happy for you both!

    • Thank you Kelea-I have some wonderful before pics throughout the blog. When my old computer died, I lost hundreds of pre-blogging pics. I do have some though in a scrapbook that I need to get put on the desktop so that I can share.

  3. Joe Mammino says:

    I wish you and Steve success in your quest for your dream home and land. You both have the tenacity to find and fix anything out there. Wish i were years younger so i could help with the fixing.

  4. Thank you Joe. As always you have been and continue to be a wonderful encouragement. That I the service and great help that you are providing us right now. I have prepared a wine post. Stayed tuned. I think that you will really enjoy this novice’s attempt at sharing the beauty of wine.

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