Not everyone knows how to…

I have a friend who refuses to wash dishes by hand.

I have a friend who refuses to wash dishes by hand.

My kids will tell you that the reason that I had them was to wash the dishes. I was a single mom who worked fulltime. I needed help. But many of their friends had no chores.
So now as grownups, their friends are my new young friends. One of those new young friends was over visiting and I was cleaning my house. My dish washer was running and there were still more dishes that needed cleaned. She offered to help- so I ran a sink and asked her to wash and I would dry. She looked at me like I was nuts and said “Why don’t you just wait til the dishwasher is done and then wash another load?”

It took great effort to keep my eyeballs still. They wanted to roll. As a matter of fact, I wanted to roll (on the floor laughing). But realizing that this young lady is the age of my daughter (thus probably was not taught to wash dishes), the mentor in me came to my rescue.

I just told her that I wanted to get it all done. She did not like putting her hands in the dirty water-at all. I finally found some medical gloves that I have stored in the medicine cabinet. She was much happier with the gloves on.

Once the dishes were done, we sat and had a cup of tea together. She shared experiences about her recent childhood and I shared experiences about my childhood back in the “dinosaur days”.


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5 Responses to Not everyone knows how to…

  1. Signwatcher says:

    This is one example of how unprepared the younger generation is for what is coming (not that I’m totally prepared). If you take their so-called smart phones and hand-held dohickeys away from them, they won’t know what to do.

  2. I understand what you are saying Signwatcher. It may indeed be true. But for now, I will ask them to mentor me in the ways of technology as a way to intice them to get close enough to see what it is that I am doing. My evil plan is that they will become fascinated and want to learn what you and I have to teach. The we will teach them the old ways and pass these things down to them so they will not be forgotten after all. Just wait and see.

  3. Malien says:

    I’ve a question… What’s the source of the picture? Did you make it?

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