It Has Been 3 Days in for Mr. Paleo

Steve said this today

Steve said this today

We survived the first 3 days. It is reportedly-the toughest part of this diet. I still have all my fingers and not one cookie was thrown! Actually, I toss apples at Steve now instead. On the 4th day; Steve got off of the scale encouraged.

How did we do it?
I kept Steve full. I forced him to eat a big breakfast. I packed his lunch box so full that he was not able to eat it all. I had dinner ready for him when he got home and there was a snack before bed.

I did use ingredients that were questionable for Paleo. I used a little raw dairy, some raw honey, and some bananas. Every site that I used in my research said something just a little different, but I figured that it was more important to keep Steve headed in the right direction rather than to nit pick the questionable stuff.
The interesting thing for me is that though I have been much better since my “Real Food” education, I myself have slipped back a little. Today, while climbing the stairs; I noticed how “pain free” my hips were. Silly girl, I know better, I guess that I just needed a little reminder that eating this way really does keep the inflammation down.

Last night I gave Steve an apple to snack on and he asked where I got “these sweet apples”. I told him that they are the same ones that I always get. Now that his taste buds are not so numbed by all the processed sugar, he can truly taste the natural sweetness of the real food that once tasted so boring to him.
So far, so good!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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6 Responses to It Has Been 3 Days in for Mr. Paleo

  1. Kelea Nevis. says:

    Sounds amazing – guess I’ll need to look into this for Jim perhaps.

    • Kelea, This has helped Steve realize just how much processed foods he eats in a day’s time. Apparently, he was skipping breakfast to have pop tarts and bagels at work. Then for lunch, he would eat burgers and fries. Hungry by 3; he would eat the left over cake or doughnuts that were in the brake room. By the time he got home, he was tired and just wanted to sit around all evening. Before bed, he would eat a bowl of cereal. Now we go for a walk after dinner and he has a piece of fruit for dessert.

      • Kelea Nevis. says:

        It really sounds amazing. I know I keep saying, when my life calms down, I’ll be able to delve into this stuff more! I think I had an epiphany the other day. While I love being married I do not enjoy being a wife! LOL Probably because there’s so much else on my platter. I really wonder how moms with husbands and kids manage all that they do. I just tend to always feel overwhelmed! But, I’m ceasing the animal fight so that should free me up for more important endeavors!
        This sounds like an eating plan for me too – processed foods not so much, bread lately (that’s new for me) and sugars are my major downfall. I enjoyed my garden veggies this summer and then it got too hot and I gave up. Looking forward to cooler temps soon! Thanks for always sharing life’s abundance including your knowledge Donna!

  2. Kelea-I appreciate your encouragement. This marriage is not my first, just my last. I have indeed learned from my mistakes. I have found that as I make it about him, then he makes it about me. So each of us feels like it is about us. But what really makes it cool is when we together make it about Him (our relationship with God) then we are really happy.

  3. Kelea Nevis. says:

    I’m Jim’s 3rd wife, he is my 1st and only husband. We also make it about and rely and trust in Him in our marriage and it makes such a difference. Not sure how others manage – perhaps they don’t.
    When we first got serious we made an agreement. If Jim wanted A and I wanted B we had to find a C. It proved very useful in the beginning of our dating and carried over into our married life. There has never been a time when we couldn’t find and agree upon a C. And this can apply to the smallest of idea or the greatest; from which restaurant to have dinner at to which color to paint the bedroom. It has served us well and I’m always sharing it with new couples!

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