Get Ready-Fire and then Aim



I hear this a lot and I truly identify. I have read it in books, I have heard it in seminars, I have even heard it in church.

While going to the shooting range, I have learned a valuable lesson. Yes, I do own a gun and a bow. My gun may not be as big as most, but I know how to handle it and I can shoot. I only pull 40 lbs on my compound bow, but it is just for target. I don’t hunt. The one time that I went hunting with a group, I was disgusted by the fact that it was not a clean kill and the animal suffered. Nope, not for me.

The life lesson? You can take forever aiming and never shoot, or you can ready yourself by pointing the weapon in the general direction; fire and then correct your aim by adjusting your sights (or crosshairs).

But there is also magic in this formula. As you are “Just doing it” you get more ideas (like a farm), people start coming into your life that can help you improve what you are already doing (like Steve). All of a  sudden, you are finding that dreams that you never really knew that you had; are coming true. This is pretty cool!

The application in my life? I can sit for hours researching on the internet, drawing out gardens and making farm plans my whole life; paralyzed by fear of failure. Never growing any food, just my backside.

But what I do is get a general idea of what needs done, go in my backyard and build it-plant it, or feed it. Then I keep records, make adjustments and then write down my successes and failure. This helps my aim improve over time. The whole thing just keeps getting better. That is life. We keep learning, getting better and then we share what we have learned with others.

What a balancing act life is.

I have files on my desktop and hard copies in the filing cabinet full of information that I have learned from playing in my kitchens and backyards; with my plants and animals.

These files will help me ready the next place; a bigger place. They will help me point my weapon in the right direction, and fire. Those successes and failures with help me make even more adjustments to my aim.

So maybe it should really be “Ready-Fire-Aim-Ready-fire-aim……

There are so many wonderful application for this in life other than gardens and farms.  What is your application of this thought?



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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