Why are We Drawn to Network Marketing?

We are all networkers

We are all networkers

Bloggers are networkers. Actually we are all networkers in some form.

For me, it made sense. I like a product, I tell someone and they tell someone. We all help each other and we all make a little money. Right?

Well, it is not that simple really. Because I am a natural networker; I have been approached, invited and on someone’s contact list over and over most of my adult life. My answer was often “Sure I will give it a try”‘ after all, it made sense.

But once I signed up, enrolled, came onboard; I was whisked away by my upline, trainer or support team to give my credit card number to a “required’ tape of the month, or weekly training meeting fee.   I went to training meetings where everyone was absolutely in love with every single product that the company made. I was told that I was to hound every person that I knew, and to approach strangers in the park, the bank and the grocery store.

The part that I was most uncomfortable with was that I was to invite my friends to a lunch meeting without telling them what they were in for. My support team would then take over and overwhelm my new friend and pressure them to enroll for me. I was told that it was for their own good, and that they would thank me for it later. (Ahem).

I was gullible, I am sad to say that I have fallen victim to all of those things. Never again! Oh, I still see the value in teaming up with a company of your choice to build a home based business. But I do it my way.

I am like the boy who yelled out in the crowd that the emperor was naked. I want get to know the product first and then decide if it is really worth my valuable time and effort. I like a company that has a product that is consumable, is used up and needs to be repurchased. There are so many good companies to choose from. The tax advantages are incredible. Why not?

So after swearing off of home based business (forever) I again found one or two that I like. I have been doing one pretty successfully for 3 years. This is how I can afford to be a stay at home, backyard farm wife. This is how I fund my life. Did you think that Steve was rich? He is generous but certainly not rich.

Did you know that you can claim a loss in your taxes for 3 out of 5 years. It is not that I do not believe in paying taxes, but I pay more than enough already; in my opinion. At that point you must either claim a profit or not claim it at all. During the first year of that particular business you can actually purchase your office equipment and write them off.

I have made some pretty decent money with the business that I chose. It is probably due to my laid back, no pressure approach. But I also kept good records, so I was still able to take a loss all 3 years.

This year I have been going to school and not really working my business. I can not claim a loss anyway. I will have to pay at the end of the year- and rightfully so. After all, I am earning a decent income. But looking back, I could have done some things differently.

I could have found a new home based business in January and hit the ground running. Now I would be doing two. One that I love, that rewards me in return and one that I am building, I could have purchased any new office equipment that I might have needed and planned my new business expenses accordingly. I could have built my  new business quickly, because I already know what works for me.

I think that I will do that this next January. I am scoping a few businesses that make sense to me. I will not do it, if I do not absolutely love the product. I will not do it if I cannot see my friends benefitting from this.

Maybe I live in “La La Land”, but because I do not consider myself entrepreneurial and I do not have any current business ideas myself, I still believe in network marketing.

I like a product, I tell you about it. You like it and you tell your friends. We all help each other and we all make money. But, we tell the truth. How simple is that?



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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