My Little Helper

Miss Prissy hard at work

Miss Prissy hard at work

Do you remember Miss Prissy?

She was a rescue chick. I raised her in the house, fed her by hand and she is spoiled rotten. I tried to mix her in with my flock, but they are all much bigger than her. They beat her up. So she is the guardian of my garden. She has free range of the backyard and garden. She hangs out with the dog. She comes running to greet me whenever I go outside and she lays her egg in the aquaponics bed that is just outside my back door. That is very convenient for me. No egg hunts.

She polices the backyard. Though she does not eat my tougher summer plants;, she does eat the bugs that are on the plants. Scorpions are a favorite delicacy (good girl!). She gets kitchen scraps, egg shells, curdled milk, kefir, meal worms and whey. Though she does not get chicken food, this girl is not hurting. She laid through the summer and only missed one day the whole month of August.

When I work in the compost or pull weeds, she is right there with me. The other day I came upon a part of the compost that had a larger than normal amount of cicada grubs. Some of them are the size of a silver dollar.

Grubs for Miss Prissy

Grubs for Miss Prissy

I called her over to me and fed them to her one by one.

Nom nom!

Nom nom!

I know that I will have to protect my delicate spring seedlings and plants from her. Those feet of hers make her a miniature bulldozer!
We will work it out somehow. I will let you know how it goes.

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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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