A Local Victory for Backyard Farmers

The taste of victory.

The taste of victory.

Most you know that I have a  friendship with Senator David Farnsworth. Though I do not consider myself political, I have heartily endorsed this man. My respect for him as a leader comes from the fact that not only is he what he says that he is, but he fought hard for the Home Grown Freedom Act. In the face of much opposition, he was brave enough to go up against the League of Towns and Cities, and the HOAs in Arizona for our group of less than 1,000 people, to fight for our right to raise food in our backyard.

This man came to my backyard to see what all I was able to accomplish cleanly and humanely in small area. He looked me in the eye and asked me to help him fight this fight. What I was impressed with most was his gentle, quiet resolve. His desire not to put his opponents down, but to lift them up. I found that he is a true ambassador and I decided to hitch my wagon to his.

We had a meeting in my home of people who, like me are influential in their own realms. We then went out to network and bring others to new meetings.

We started the Backyard Farmers United Facebook page hoping to attract people from all over the country to follow our fight to get the Senate Bill 1151 passed in our legislature. This man won the day in the Senate, but  due to lobbyist whose backing came from the HOAs in our state, the bill was stopped in the house.

Senator Farnsworth has vowed to take us back to the legislature again this next year. But first he has to get re-elected. The primaries were held yesterday and his opponent was a young man being groomed and backed by some powerful people in our state. He also was receiving lots of money from lobbyists and big business. He had people working for his campaign, hanging his signs, making phone calls, and creating Facebook pages.  He was more moderate in the stands that he was taking and was even attracting liberals from his district.

Many of my friends were worried and said that how can their vote even count against all of this. The last count that I heard was that this opponent had over $130,000 in campaign donations. This is just a district seat. Why so much? Our friend Dave had around $30,000.

The concern is that if Dave lost, SB1151 would no longer have a champion.

I woke up and saw that Dave won the primary. I just got off of the phone congratulating him. He will be running for his seat in the upcoming election. I understand if you do not care to follow this train of thought. But my local readers are very interested in this. My wish to encourage all.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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