Uvee-What? A Testimony.

It hurts as bad as it looks.

It hurts as bad as it looks.

Do  you remember when I first started this blog? I was talking about real food, inflammation and my eye condition.

I was diagnosed with acute uveitis when I was 42. It turned out to be a chronic condition. It is related to a familial gene that I share with my younger brother. This gene will cause genetic conditions like heart murmurs, arthritis, lupus, chrone’s disease, ankylosing spondylitis and chronic uveitis. There are other’s; but they all have one thing in common. They are all disorders caused by inflammation in the body.

My flare ups were happening 4-6 times a year lasting 4 weeks at a time. I  actually lost the vision in one eye for 6 weeks. My doctors could only give me steroids and they were causing other issues for me.

I started researching and found 2 things. One- a doctor at Cambridge in Boston was having great results with his research; and two-REAL FOOD.

I called the doctor in Boston, preparing to spend some time there as a patient. But I found that his star pupil was now a practicing uveitis specialist only 55 miles from me. I made an appointment with her and she started me on Celebrex which is actually for arthritis. That was two years ago. We found that it took 200 mg per day to keep the flare ups away.

Then I started eliminating inflammation causing foods from my diet. When I started added them back in, I found that peanuts, pasteurized dairy, and most processed foods were causing inflammation like constipation and achy joints. So I went to almonds and raw dairy. I almost never eat processed foods (except Cheetos when Steve teases me with them).

I then started weaning myself off of the Celebrex. Why you ask? So did the doctor, she was very skeptical about it. Why not? I asked her. I hate taking meds. She said “Good luck, come and see me when you flare.”

I went to see my doctor yesterday and was pleased to tell her that I am down to 50 mg per day and am eating  some of the best food that I have ever eaten in my life. Not one red hot eye ball the whole time.

She was amazed, happy for me and told me that I no longer needed her. But the door is always open if my eye starts hurting again. I don’t plan on it.

P.S. I have tried going completely off the Celebrex, but when I do that; my eye starts to flare, so I go back on it right away. It is probably that weekly trip to See’s (just kidding Vickie) But a girl has to live a little right?


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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