Scheduling Time for an ADD Backyard Homesteader

Here I am re-writing my list
School is out for me until October 1st. Yeah, I know it seems late, but this is a late start-hybrid program.

My rental house has been sold, and Steve is at work. What shall I do with all my time? Hopefully I won’t get into too much trouble. Steve likes to say that he keeps me out of jail. He says “no” to a lot of my ideas. But that just gives me the time to research before I finally get him to say yes.

Being the ADD lady that I am, I have learned to self treat.

I hear from a lot of my backyard homesteading friends, that they believe they are ADD. They cannot seem to finish a project, their house is a mess (so they say), their kids are unruly, and dinner is fast food because they did not seem to have the time to get anything done. At the end of the day, they tell me that they ran in circles all day and have nothing to show for it.

So, I thought that I would share my self help ideas, incase it helps someone else.

I write lists and carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. The wild schemes and thoughts that I have throughout the day go into this notebook. It is later transcribed into my list of goals. This list of goals includes everything from scheduling time for personal care, to future farm project research. Though I am a pen and paper girl, I am learning to put my goals on the desktop. I hyper focus on that list, so that I do not stay distracted for too long.

After visiting my animals, feeding and milking my goats; I spend one hour in the garden. This is done before the drip system comes on. This time also doubles as prayer time for me. Not that I am trying to multitask my communion with God, it is just natural to give Him the glory for this garden that I love so much. I pull weeds, move compost around, inspect leaves for insect damage and sing to the plants that need encouraged (don’t judge).

After that, I limit myself to one hour on the computer to organize my Facebook and blog; I honestly do not know how others spend all day in that chair and get anything else done. Being ADD, I have very little patience for sitting.

I then dedicate an hour to cleaning my house.

During the lull of the afternoon, I spend an hour at the gym (well almost every day). This is a big help for all the pent up energy that I have left over from sitting at the computer for that hour.

I tick away at that life controlling list that I love-in between all these other things.

I have talked about eating elephants. I know that if I work a little at a time on each project, it will eventually get done. I no longer stress about unfinished projects, as long as I can see the progress being made. I do however celebrate a completed task. I love any reason to celebrate.

You all might have much more to do than I have. I no longer have children living at home. But I developed this treatment as a single mom, working full time and keeping a year round backyard “farm”, even before it was in vogue to do so. Ask my kids, they remember the list(s). It kept me sane. (Well, Steve might have something to say about that!)

About an hour before Steve gets home, I start dinner, take a shower and am playing on the computer when he arrives. I am ready to hear about his day and share mine with him. Though he is curious about what I have been up to, he is half afraid to actually hear about it.



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Scheduling Time for an ADD Backyard Homesteader

  1. Kelea Nevis. says:

    I’m impressed! 🙂
    An hour in the garden – do you have shade in your yard?
    I’m lucky to water my two plants not on the drip system yet! 🙂

    • I raised my kids with the teaching about eating elephants. I would say “How do you eat an elephant” They would replay “one bite at a time. When faced with a messy bedroom, I would have them start with the closet or the top of the dresser. After each small job was done, there would be some sort of reward waiting for them. Now, as adults they both tell me that they tackle their days “One bite at a time”.

  2. Kelea-My hour is spent in the early morning. I do follow the shade. Parts of the garden are in the shade but not for long, so I move around. I will tell you that the morning sun is much kinder than the evening sun. I do have a drip system. The garden is very large, so I need to keep up on it to keep things planted, weeded and harvested.

  3. I have such a hard time with managing time…and my thoughts. I often feel like I run in circles and get nothing done. A notebook is a great idea…but I end up misplacing it or forgetting to look at it. Thanks for sharing these tips, I am always amazed at people who are productive…and a bit jealous. I know that I just need to DO the things and not let myself get distracted. I’m working on it, it’s a long slow process!

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