Miss Abigal says: Teach the Kids to Plan a Square Foot Garden For the Fall.

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Ms. Donna plants intensively in our backyard. But as I have watched her, I realize that the best way to teach your chick(s) to garden would be to use the Square Foot Method. You moms are probably very familiar with it. It seems that almost every garden blog has a post or two explaining this idea. But have you thought about teaching it to your offspring?

This quick lesson can help you teach art skills, math skills and is something that will stay with your chick for years. Hopefully it will help develop their own passion for gardening and eating their vegetables.

Mom-you will need some parchment paper, a yardstick, a black marker and some scissors.

A younger chick may require you to do most of this work ahead of time, the older the chick; the more of the project they can do, with your guidance.

Cut out a 12 inch square piece of parchment paper. Now use that as a template to draw 3 more. Don’t put the parchment paper away yet. Because for the next lesson, you will need more of them. Ms. Donna bought her parchment paper at a dollar store.

On the first square take your yardstick and mark off 16 squares with your black marker. This square is most useful with the younger chicks, because they can grow so many seeds.  They can grow beets, carrots, onions or radishes by placing one seed in the center of each square.

Plant seeds every 3 inches

Plant seeds every 3 inches

On the second square; mark off  9 sections like this. This is the proper spacing for seeds like bush beans or spinach.

Plant seeds every 4 inches

Plant seeds every 4 inches

On the third square, mark off 4 sections like this. This is for plants like chard, lettuce or young herb plants.

For 6 inch seed spacing

For 6 inch seed spacing

On the last one, do not do anything- leave it- just like this. This is for planting bigger plants that require more room in the garden.  You can see the list written on the square.

1 square foot

Believe it or not, that is the end of my lesson for now. But we will be back to figure out how to put this all together next week.
Your homework mom, is to figure how much garden space you want to give your chick. You may just what to give them one square and build from there. Then- over the next week you would need to cut out enough squares for that space.

Class is dismissed.

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2 Responses to Miss Abigal says: Teach the Kids to Plan a Square Foot Garden For the Fall.

  1. Kelea Nevis. says:

    Well, I think I might just have to go to school for myself! Thanks Miss Abigail for making it so simple!

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