Planting Corn-in the Desert-in July


Plant corn close and thin out for the animals

Plant corn close and thin out for the animals

But why? We love corn, but we do not eat that much. I have 800 sq ft of space and the summer finds me with fallow beds. Though I am filling in the blanks with squash and melons; there are just not enough true heat summer lovers to keep my beds full.

I planted a 4 ft X 40 ft bed of corn-2 maybe 3 years ago. I had found a local seed saver who raised organic sweet corn. I planted one corn seed every 6 inches. When the corn was about 6 inches high, I slowly began thinning to one every 12″. I would pull several every day to feed the chickens and goats.

Corn is a grass after all. The animals loved it. I was making use of the space to feed my animals, while I waited for my delicious organic sweet corn to mature.  I ended up with 160 stalks of corn. Each stalk gave me 2 plus ears. I kept 10 of the prettiest ears and dried them for seeds to save and to share with friends. I froze and canned the corn. I also made jelly from the corn cobs.

Corn cob jelly takes like honey

Corn cob jelly takes like honey

Once the corn had been harvested. I pulled a couple of stalks every day to toss in with the animals. They loved the stalks green, they loved them when they were turning yellow and they loved them when they were completely dry.

During the hot summer months, my fodder system does not grow well for me outside and I have no greens to feed the animals. So the corn stalks make a wonderful source of “free” food for my animals. They also have grape leaves, squash and melons to eat.

Dried corn stalks are yummy.

Dried corn stalks are yummy.









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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Planting Corn-in the Desert-in July

  1. Treasa Birchett says:

    I planted my corn back in April the ears have been silking this week so here’s hoping for lots of corn I would like to make the corn cob jelly

  2. Treasa, we are truly fortunate to be gardeners in the desert. We actually have two growing seasons for corn. I am very happy that you have gotten a jump on me by planting during the first season.

  3. I’m on my first experimental year of corn. My mom, the next town over, usually has good luck. The problem is my little section of our town is in a microclimate due to the mountains. If it’s hot in Maine, it’s hotter where I live. If it’s cold, it’s colder here. I’m hoping the corn does well. I really love corn 🙂 Thank you for sharing on Green Thumb Thursday. I’ve pinned and shared with the world.

    • AWW! Thank you Jessica for being so kind. I just learned how to link up last night. I am a baby blogger.
      As far as corn, I love it! I will only eat it if it is Non GMO and grown organically. Some years, it grows really well for me and other years it does not. But the plant itself makes wonderful fodder and then compost:)

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