Miss Abigail Says; Teach the Kids

Miss Abigail says

Miss Abigail says

Though I am a stay at home-home based business owner/nursing student/ wife and grandmother to Steve’s grandkids. I make time for my personal passion; growing and preserving my own food.

But what about the busy moms who work outside the home; who still have kids living with them? I remember those days. By the time I got home, made sure that homework was done, dinner was made, baths were over and the kids in bed; there was not much time for hobbies or passions of any kind. Weekends can be filled with laundry, shopping and church. Then it is time to get ready to start another week. Yee Haw!

I still did my thing back then, but that is how I chose to spend my relaxation time. I learned to plant every other week and harvest a little bit everyday.

But what about the kids? How do they work in this equation? I recently had some neighbor kids over to make homemade crispy rice cereal. It gave me time to get to know a generation that I have lost touch with.

These kids want to grow gardens, but their parents do not know how. Actually, their backyards are beautifully maintained, concrete patios and pool decks. They are avid swimmers. I am not, I would actually like to fill in the pool (Steve won’t let me).

After a long conversation with my step daughter who is raising 6 children, I realized that I want to take on another sub topic in this blog.

Miss Abigail believes in feeding the kids fresh-organic food. See her feeding the chicks organic feed from her apron pocket? But she also believe in teaching someone to fish rather than to give them a fish.

That has helped me decide to write a post once a week about teaching kids how to garden. Sometimes it will be about tips for mommies, but mostly teaching kids.

I think that the post will go up on Fridays in order to give the parents time to look at it and see if they want to do a project with their children on the weekend to follow what Miss Abigail says.

So Miss Abigail says-please check back on Friday to see what we are doing in Abby’s Garden.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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