8 Responses to Meet Miss Abigail: My Farm’s Mascot and Logo

  1. KELEA NEVIS says:

    I love you already Miss Abigail!!! I see great things ahead in your future and the futures of those whose lives you impact!!! May God truly bless you and your endeavors!

    • Kelea- Miss Abigail is too tired from her work in the garden today to type this herself. But she asked me to thank you. She feels sorry for her sisters who are battery chickens in the commercial egg industry. She would like to see many more families keeping a small flock of hens in their backyard, if they choose to.

      • KELEA NEVIS says:

        You tell Miss Abigail I’m probably looking at jail time (well not really but at least a hefty fine – $700) for keeping her feathery friends safe and sound and HAPPY in my backyard currently! I’m with ya Miss Abigail – shoulder to shoulder we shall stand!

      • Miss Abigail says; As long as the chickens are kept clean, quiet and humanely. It really should not be anyone else’s business. The problem begins when our chickens or dogs are noisy and our cats roam. Yes, cats. Cats mark cars and front doors. They can dig up your neighbors garden to find a potty place, tease dogs from the fence top and scare other small animals. It should go without saying that all of our animals should be kept at our own home. Not everyone is interested in enjoying our pets.

      • Kelea Nevis. says:

        Ahhh Miss Abigail, you are a wise bird indeed! Very well said and great points. It is a difficult task to educate the masses and I am hopeful your great demeanor, persona and character will go far in educating the children and their parents, grand parents and neighbors about the benefits of backyard farming and raising of chickens and other small animals.

      • Thank you Kelea. That is why Miss Abigail was created. Though she feels pretty strongly about these things, she is still just a bit shy. But over time, I think that we will be hearing quite a bit from her.

      • Kelea Nevis. says:

        Can’t wait for her to break out of her shell – so to speak! 🙂

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