Giving whatever it is that you have to give (Part of the JTTF series)

There are many different ways that people show love.

There are many different ways that people show love.

This last weekend something very interesting happened.

Steve and I were working on the Phoenix property. We were alone. My mom had left to visit another sister. My friends and family all had their own chores to do. Thankful for all the help that we had previously received, Steve and I were still at it.

A long time friend called and said that she was on that side of town and she wanted to stop by.

It was nice to see her, though I certainly was not presentable in my paint spotted pants, grout spotted shirt, no make up, hair full of paint and popcorn ceiling dust. But I am confidant that she loves me unconditionally, so I let her come over.

She looked at me in shock and said “you look so tired!” ( Thank you Mrs. Captain Obvious!) she toured the house and was sad to see my yellow kitchen was now taupe. She and I have spent time making Christmas cookies in that big, happy, butter yellow kitchen.

It was lunch time, and I had not brought our usual pic-a-nic basket. So this was a rare excuse for some fast food. We just don’t do this, but we were hungry and it sounded really good. She came with me on the trip over and insisted on paying for our lunch.

When I refused, she said that she had been unable to physically help and wanted me to accept this as her form of helping. I could see that it made her feel good to bless us  in this way. So I moved aside and allowed her to pay for the meal.  She just beamed! When I saw the joy on her face as she preformed her act of love, it made me happy too.

It made me think, I am not normally a recipient of help. But help is whatever form you are capable of giving. If you are the recipient and someone offers to help in a way that you had not thought of, allow them to and then make sure that they know just how thankful you are.

So my dear friend who wishes to remain nameless; You truly blessed us and you have no idea how much we appreciate your kindness.



See there, there can be joy in giving and receiving if properly done.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Giving whatever it is that you have to give (Part of the JTTF series)

  1. cg517 says:

    THAT really is nice…..sometimes we all forget that there are nice people still out there, no matter what the smallest thing is that they do can really be a big thing to us!

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