California Adventures

Fun in the sun? I think not.

Fun in the sun? I think not.

No-we did not throw up our hands in the middle of our house project, and run away to play on the beach.

But we did take a very brief trip to San Diego.

Are you ready for this? Here goes.

While we were toiling in our little house in the big city, my husband received an emergency phone call.

He has a daughter who graduated in May of 2013 from law school. She has been living with her big sister in California; in search of her dream job-by the ocean. She finally landed her first real job and called her dad to say that she could not stand living with someone else for one more minute.

She needed our help.

Being the good dad that he is, he dropped his paint brush and rented a truck this last Friday. We loaded it up with her furniture, that has been in our garage for so long, and took the 6 hour drive into the western sun.

Moving day

Moving day

Thank goodness that my mother was still staying with us and agreed to take care of the animals for me. She is a champ, that woman.

When we arrived in our 20 ft chariot, we found the apartment building in the intercity of San Diego. Steve’s alarm grew as we discovered it’s location between a tattoo shop and a massage parlor. What really bothered him was the homeless shelter just a block away.

When we got into her spacious 500 square foot apartment, dad worried some more. But I saw the claw foot tub, all the built in cabinetry and the walk in closet. It was cute!

While Steve and his daughter were looking in the truck, I noticed that a young female neighbor was sitting on the floor next to her apartment door. She had dumped her purse out, looking through its contents. I asked if she had lost her keys or her phone. She replied both.  Sanguine, I thought, to myself and then explained the temperaments to her. We chatted and became fast friends.

Later, her friends stopped by to meet me and ask me if I would tell them each what temperament they were. I must have been close in my guess because when we heard them on the porch below the window later; I heard them talking about the ” little psychiatrist” that guessed correctly about what personality they each were. Funny!

We had breakfast the next day with Steve’s two daughters and hopped back in the truck to start the 6 hour drive-into the eastern sun. Sunglasses were definitely a must for this trip.

Steve shared with me how worried he was about his daughter’s new location. I told him that he should not worry about her. One thing that I have learned about this one is that I would not be afraid to walk down a dark alley with her. Not only is she a taller and bigger girl than I am, but I saw her help her dad take a queen sized mattress out of the truck, like a man. Big strong girl.

What really impressed me was the way that she chased a guy down the street-screaming profanities at him-after she saw him urinating on our U haul truck. The girl is definitely not a simpering miss.

This young lady will do just fine.





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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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