Three Day Weekends in June. JTTF #4

working hard to get it all done in time.

working hard to get it all done in time.

Steve is taking every Monday off in June to create a few 3 day weekends. The purpose is to get our rental ready to sell; to obtain “seed money” for our farm. The sign goes up in the front yard on July 1st. No time for procrastinating or interruptions.

This past Saturday; friends and family showed up to help. There was music and dancing in front of the big mirror in the kitchen.

When we arrived at the house on Saturday, my first thought was to water all the plants, and the dirt. I hope to coax any grass seed that may have survived.

Then I turned to the kitchen. I wanted to cry. I do not know how anyone can live in such filth. But I had my daughter-in-law to help. Mrs C. She goes onto my wall of heroes. Together, she scrubbed the cabinets and I scrubbed the glass top stove. My son, Mr. J, helped Steve take doors and hardware off throughout the house, fix fans and do all manner of manly man stuff. More heroes for me.

Sunday, Jeremy came back to help. He and I were given paint brushes and asked to trim. Now, Jeremy and I are both sanguine temperaments. Normally, it is not a good thing to ask a sanguine to trim. Our best work together thus far; had been sponge painting and splatter painting. But since the carpet is going to be removed anyway, we were all safe.

Like mother, like son.

Like mother, like son.

Monday, I cleaned out the shed so that Steve could “shoot” the insides with the paint sprayer. That sounded like fun, but Steve wanted to do it. I  painted the cement floors when he was finished, and painted inside the closets- some new lady will be very happy with this house. I then scraped all the sticky stuff off of the big mirror. Our tenants must have had lots of parties in that kitchen.

I will go back on Thursday to water everything and get quotes for carpet. But today I had to clean the house that we actually live in.

I will attempt to load a video of the house when it is cleaned up.

Stay tuned for other JTTF episodes as we make our way to the farm.

Oh yeah, Steve says “hi”. Well, really it more of a grunt, but at least we got some acknowledgement. He is coming along very well. I expect a full grumble by next week. It won’t be long before we get a whole blog post from him.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Three Day Weekends in June. JTTF #4

  1. cg517 says:

    Yes having renters is very upsetting when they don’t seem to care about the property they are renting….I know this first hand also… would think that they would take care of it like their own but NO…just use and abuse……….

  2. I have a funny story to tell about when we were renters in Grand Junction Colorado. We believed that we should take care of the house as though we owned it- and we did. But being the only renters on the block, there was still some prejudice against us.
    Our next door neighbor was drunk and mad about something. She was yelling at my husband and said that at least she was a “hone owmer”. I am thankful that I can now smile and say that I too; am a hone owmer.

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