Here's to you

Here’s to you

While I was in school this last semester, I backed way off from my non school friends. There were a lot of social events that I missed out on.

But one of the events that I did go to; was a grand-daughter’s (Steve’s oldest) high school graduation ceremony. Steve’s mom uses a cane now, so we got to sit right on the field and saw everything very well. Note to self-learn to walk with a cane (just kidding).

While grandma was reading the bulletin of names; to announce to us how much longer we had to sit there (after each and every name was called), I was thinking about something that the Valedictorian said. He was very smart and had won scholarships to become a Biomedical Engineer.

He said that he wanted to thank his friends for putting up with his idiosyncrasies. Wow! Now that is friendship.

It made me think about the mix of friends that I have. How different they all are. The differences in each one. I am usually attracted first to people who are kind, and …. I don’t know after that it is a real mix.

So I started examining each one of my friends to see what it is that I see in them. Here is what I found.

Every single one of them have an incredibly kind heart, after that they each have their own little idiosyncrasies, and I love it!  I have chosen well, good people-every one of them. Lucky me!

I know that I have my own “idiosyncrasies” as well. Whether they are strengths, shortcomings or maybe even irritating. (I know-who is tired of hearing about the farm?) Never mind. Don’t answer that.

So tonight I have two things that I will celebrate; #1 getting through block one of nursing school and #2 my friends.

Here’s to all of you.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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6 Responses to Idiosyncrasies

  1. cg517 says:

    I’m so glad that I met you thru your daughter even if it has only been an online friend! maybe one day it will be in person!

  2. CG517 Count yourself in. One more kind person to my collection.

  3. I am so glad to be counted among your friends. It is a delight and a privilege.

  4. Back at you girl-friend.

  5. Arlana says:

    My dear friend Donna: You are an inspiration to us all. I am so blessed to have you in my world. I miss you. Arlana

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