Journey to the Farm #3

We will make it all better.

We will make it all better.


I am  taking my yard back!

I am taking my yard back!


Today I got to go and  re-take possession of my little house in the big city. The renters have moved out.

Priority for us was the landscaping. For two reasons. The first reason is that I had received a letter from the city, that gave me until tomorrow to clean up the tall weeds. Second, because it is only going to get hotter.

So we spent the day pulling weeds, deep watering the bushes and praying that we were not too late to save them. One of the palm trees in the front yard had died during the first renter’s stay. (How do you kill a palm tree?) So now I only have to get someone to trim the surviving palm.

Whenever we go over there to work on the house, I remember the good times spent there raising my kids. It has been almost 9 years though since I moved out, so all the neighbors have changed and there were no familiar faces. Friendly yes, familiar no.

It was very sad for me to see the changes there. The once black and fertile soil-that grew vegetables for my two kids and myself-is no more. In its place is hard packed dirt, bits of trash and not a blade of grass living in that backyard right now. The cat claw that climbs the western side of the porch; planted to shade us  from the afternoon sun, is not quite dead. I am sure that I can revive it. It will be pretty soon enough.

We trimmed the bushes, we swept the walks, and we wrote notes to ourselves about what we need to bring back with us next time. We also said lots of stuff under our breath about never wanting to be landlords again.

No real damage has been done to the inside. The bones are still wonderful. It just needs a little spackle, paint and new carpeting. My house will be beautiful once more.

I have to admit that this was a melancholy day for this little sanguine. But I am thankful that I will be out of school soon. Then I will have the time to do what needs done to get my little house back in order.

All Better

All Better

As we packed up the car, I took another look at the house. It looks happy again on the outside. No worries little house, we will back to fix the inside too.

We left with my car full of bags of debris, because the trash cans were full, and I chattered to Steve all the way home about how exciting this is getting.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Journey to the Farm #3

  1. Joe Mammino says:

    I can relate to y what you are experiencing. When i retired I became a landlord with seven rentals. I could write a book on my experiences.. A few bad tenants but being a firm landlord, a must if you want to remain sane and solvent, i enjoyed the time involved.

  2. Joe, I would love to read a book that you write. You are a rose expert and you know your wine too. You could call it “Landlords, Wine and Roses”. I would buy it.

  3. Shelly says:

    I hope you took some “before” pictures so you can look back in a few weeks/months to see how far you’ve come!

  4. Thank you Shelly, I have a folder with the before pics, I am may even share before and after on the blog. A little too embarrassed to share just yet. Much work to be done.

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