For the Love of Grapes


Ready for the Freezer

Ready for the Freezer

If you started reading my blog from the beginning, you will see a lot of repeating going on. Because I plant vegetables year round, each in its  season; my posts for May of this year may have a similar theme as last year. The same is true with all the other months. This could get pretty boring over time.

But there is something else that I do to make things interesting. I keep track of what type of fruits are in season and on sale. I have not incorporated enough fruit trees, shrubs or plants (yet) to keep my household fed. So I watch for sales and buy in bulk when co-ops order from out of state.

As I pick up my “on sale fruit”-“U pick fruit” or “co-op fruit”, I will post about that too in order to add some variety to my SHARING.

This week- Red Flame (my favorite) grapes are on sale at one of the markets. I doubt that I will beat 88 cents a pound, so I bought 10 lbs! Not that Steve and I are planning on glutting ourselves on grapes tonight. But I like to freeze them.

I wash them and pick them off of the bunch. I put them on a sheet tray and freeze them overnight. Tomorrow, I will put them in a zippered freezer bag. During June, July and August, we can grab a handful of sweet icy goodness.

Freezing a grape changes the whole experience. Remember the peppermint patty commercial. Something about biting into one sends you to the freezing tundra. Well, anyway that is what popping a frozen grape into my mouth does for me.

Start watching for cherries, peaches, apricots and local apples to go on sale. Cherries can be pitted and frozen. peaches and apricots can be canned or made into preserves and apples can be made into fruit leather, sugar-free applesauce or canned pie slices.

I am currently researching what types of fruit trees can be grown here, so that I know what to plant on our acreage (to be). But until then, I will not be going without fruit.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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