Steve’s Yard Sale Finds

Coffee for my school friends

Coffee for my school friends

Since starting school, I have opted out of going yardsaling with Steve. I use the time for studying. But each Saturday, before he leaves he asks “What would you like me to find for you?”. I give him my wish list and he does his best to bag it and bring it home to lay at my feet. He is a good hunter.

I drink my coffee black and take a thermos of coffee to school with me. It makes no sense to me to spend money at the coffee shop at the school, in order to stay awake during lecture. But the kids (my fellow students who are all younger than me) spend 3.50- 5.oo for a cup of Joe. Mostly because they like the foo-foo coffees.

So, I asked Steve to find me a Keurig to share with my friends at school. They can buy their own little flavored cup thingy’s. Well, Steve out did himself. Not only did he bag a keurig, but he also got the carousel for the little cup thingy’s.

Now that the lecture part of class is over, this beautiful machine is not needed. So it will entertain guests who come to my house until school begins again in October.

My daughter-in-law Mrs C and my step daughter Mrs. T can tell me where I can get the best deals on the cup thingy’s. The little plastic grey cup is for Steve and I to put our coffee grounds into.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Steve’s Yard Sale Finds

  1. I, like you, drink my coffee black. I have one of these for my studio and it worked great for when my jewelry-making buddies or students came to hang out. I also use the gray cup and brew my own coffee. I have found the best prices on the little cups are the wholesale clubs. For us, that’s Sam’s, but Costco also has them.

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