REAL Balance

Precarious? Maybe

Precarious? Maybe


I used to introduce myself to people by saying that I am an organic veggie gardener. Now, I say that I am an organic veggie gardener; who is going to be a nurse. Soon, I would like to say that I am an organic farmer with an RN degree.

Can I find balance? You bet, and I will!

Why farmer? Because I believe with all of my heart that Real health starts with nutrition-Real nutrition; and that comes from Real food. I have been growing and teaching others to grow REAL- organic- non GMO food in the desert for over 30 years. Soon I will have the space to grow more of my own food, including milk and eggs without going to my friend’s house to milk my goat and collect my eggs. I want to incorporate fruit and nut trees into my gardening methods as well. My desire is to have more than I need; in order to SHARE with others. I would also like to allow others to participate in this ABUNDANCE. Steve and I have children (and grand children) that we want to supply with some of that food and teach them (if they want to participate) where that food comes from.

Why a Nurse? Because I am fascinated by it. I know that I will be a very good nurse (if I can just get through school). I believe in being able to assist others to a higher level of health. Whatever that may be.

Just ask my kids. They will tell you that I have always thought that I knew what was best for them. My cure for EVERYTHING was ALWAYS Aerobic Exercise. I am sure that their eyes are rolling as they read this post.

Where does the balance come in? The more that I learn as a nursing student, the more I realize that the garden-the farm- the organic fruit, veggies and nuts-the organic grass fed meat-the raw milk, a few whole grains and a little bit of fermentation- are the REAL answer to REAL health. The exersize that is created by doing all of this, is good for our bodies too. Having all this fun outdoors keeps us mentally healthy, and you just can’t beat  some REAL sunshine to get your REAL vit D.

But I also know that there are times when we need a little more help. I am thankful and amazed that we live in a time that when we have a broken bone, it can be set properly. We can have surgeries and yes, medicine that can relieve us of issues that diet alone cannot treat.

So, lots of color- fruits, veggies, nuts, organic meat, eggs, raw-organic milk, some whole grains, and a little bit of fermented product. How hard is that? Let’s start there.



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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