Summertime and Salt

Picked a ton of tomatoes today. I love my chicken salt shaker

Picked a ton of tomatoes today. I love my chicken salt shaker

and tomatoes and watermelon and…

In nursing school, I am learning that the norms for blood pressure are between 90/60 and 120/80. Anything less is call Hypotensive or low blood pressure. Anything higher is either consider pre-hypertensive/hypertensive or high blood pressure.

Low blood pressure can be a sign of low fluid volume in the body (dehydration).

I also learned that in the body; salt and water are buddies. Where you find salt, you find water.  Most Americans get way too much salt in their diet and have very little problem with lack of fluid volume.

Because of my family history of High Blood Pressure, I have always been told that salt is bad for me, so I stay away from it and have learned to flavor food with spices. I stay away from processed foods and soda; and my blood pressure runs in the 90s/60s.

In the summer I notice that when I am out working (and sweating profussely a bunch) in the garden; I sometimes see black spots or feel light headed. The books are telling me that is caused by dehydration even though I drink like a fish (water that is).

So when I mentioned this to my teacher, he said eat a little salt, but don’t go overboard. That will help your body retain some of the fluid. Because I have blood pressure on the lower side of normal, that indicates that my kidneys are doing their job.

Well, I like that, because I have lots of tomatoes right now; and the watermelon and corn are coming.

Please pass the salt!

Warning; I am not a doctor and I am not a nurse yet. I am not giving medical advise. I am just excited about some of the things that I am learning and wish to  SHARE  about this amazing gift that we have called our body. It is a miracle and if we understand it, we can take better care of it (if we want to).


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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