Offsite Livestock and a Goat’s Fairytale

Many of you have been asking me about my “offsite livestock”. I have not been blogging about my pets lately. But I think that this could be an important way to encourage others with their little farms. So here goes.

I have a friend that lives less that a mile away. She has animal privileges and has been the “safe harbor” for my babies. In return I help her with her new veggie garden. I have some chickens, some rabbits, an adopted doeling goat and a newly freshened Nigerian goat, that I keep at her place. Wait a minute-back up. What is a newly freshened goat?

A Goat’s Fairytale

Goats do not get a fair part to play in most fairy tales. But I enjoy goats, so I have written a very nice little “Goat Fairy Tale” for you to enjoy.

My goat “Queen Bambi” came to me from the far away land of Gilbert. She was about a year and a half old. Though she is a dairy type goat, she was only a pet and had never been bred. That means that she was dry, she had no udder and did not give milk.

We searched all lands far and near to find her a suitable mate. There had been a great illness that had affected many of the nearby goat kingdoms. Most of the Kings and Princes were afraid to take a new unknown bride; so we subjected Queen Bambi to blood tests to prove her worthiness.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

Finally a brave and handsome dark eyed goat king, from a land not too far away agreed to meet our blue eyed girl.  We took our nervous, young lady to visit this mysterious Lord of the land. He took one look and fell madly in love (lust) with our little queen, her charms were so compelling. Though Bambi, was shy at first; she soon returned his affection. The King urged us to allow her to stay and visit with him at his kingdom for a certain period of time.

When we brought Bambi home from her visit with The Good King, we called for the friend of our land “Lanee” to provide a royal Ultrasound test. After her visit, it was proclaimed in all the land of Abundance-that Queen Bambi would soon have a child (kid). Her royal udder grew  like magic just days   before she gave birth.

She was a very good mother. She raised two kids. After a few weeks; her son went to a new home. We now have adopted a doeling and dubbed her “Princess Fiona”. It was not my intention to keep a second goat. Bambi used to believe that she was a chicken and was totally happy living with the egg laying “ladies in waiting” of our kingdom. But now that she has given birth; she knows that she has been deceived this long time and mourned mightily at the loss of her son Prince Bucky. She has now transferred all of her love to the young Princess and is happy once again.

Queen Bambi, Princess Fiona and my knees

Queen Bambi, Princess Fiona and my knees


That was 8 weeks ago and we now call Bambi- the newly freshened Matriarch. I bought a rusted, broken milk stand. Steve fixed and painted it. We took it to my friend’s house to provide a more comfortable place to milk from.

It only takes me about 5 minutes- twice per day to receive 2-3 cups of delicious milk from our content and benevolent Queen. So I have a total of 4-6 cups per day of milk that I can use to drink fresh, make cheese, yogurt or keifer.

A throne fit for a queen

A throne fit for a queen

Long live the queen:)


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Offsite Livestock and a Goat’s Fairytale

  1. Treasa Birchett says:

    they are both very cute

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