Nature-isn’t it amazing?

Garlic plants in the garden

Garlic plants in the garden

I plant lots of garlic all around the garden for protection.

Well, so far it works. At least there are no vampires in my garden-and it helps with the aphids. Then, when I harvest them, I use the garlic to season my food and help ward off illness.



No, I do not wear it around my neck and yes, I do feed it to Steve too, so that our conversations stay pleasant. I just hate it when we are talking and he makes that face. You know the one? It means did you even brush your teeth?

But this year, we did have a bunch of aphids on the artichoke plant in the front yard. Here is what I noticed. I did nothing about the aphids. They pretty much took over the artichoke, but then the magic happened.


Green lacewing

Green lacewing

I went out side and to my delight, there are green lacewings every where. They were attracted by the aphids.  They started on the ones on the artichoke plant, they then migrated to the blackberries. Now they are all over my backyard. Love it!

I am learning that as long as I provide her a healthy place to play and try not to get in her way to much. Nature is very capable of doing her own thing without my help; thank you very much.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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