Rhubarb in the desert. Really?

Now this is a rhubarb

Now this is a rhubarb

I lived in Colorado for a short time. I failed miserable at growing a garden there. But I did have a rhubarb plant.

I thought that it was a weed, so I kept chopping it down and digging it up. But it kept coming back. A neighbor finally showed me what to do with it. May I say “love”?. I love rhubarb. Yes it is sour, but I like sour. It also goes great with strawberries. Tis the season. don’t cha know? May in the desert is time for strawberries. If you can grow them.

I have been told year after year that rhubarb does not do well in our alkaline soil. So, I did not try to grow it. Now that I am watching and changing the pH in my soil, I thought-well heck-why not?

Rhubarb, peeled, cut up and ready for the freezer.

Rhubarb, peeled, cut up and ready for the freezer.

Now, I have a  rhubarb plant that looks like elephant ears. I read that you are not supposed to harvest the delicate stalks the first year. Well, let me just say this about that. There is nothing delicate about this baby, so I harvested several stalks today. I will also harvest more later, but I will let you know.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Rhubarb in the desert. Really?

  1. I had to say something here. I gave away a whole packet of rhubarb seeds because I was told I could not grow them here. I live in the Piney Woods of East Texas which is borderline zone 7/8. Could this be something I could actually consider?

    • Trisha, I live in the high desert zone 9. I understand that everyone but us can grow them. But I will try anything once. I grew mine from a start that I found at a nursery. If I were to start with seeds though, I would plant in pots-and then “up pot” a couple of times prior to planting in the ground. I would say “try it”. Maybe your friend will give you some of the seeds back.

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