My Favorite Fiction Series of All Time

Meet the Scottish Lord "Jamie"

Meet the Scottish Lord “Jamie”

Why do I feel that I have to write about this series? I am Sharing from my life’s abundance. That is why.

Back in 1991, I worked with some nurses that were reading a brand new fiction novel. Though I love to read, that book had about 900 pages, and I did not think that I would want to spend that much time from my busy life (yep, I have always been a busy girl) reading. My nurse friends were so insistent that I would love it, that for my birthday, I received a copy of “The Outlander” from them.

Two weeks later, after having finished the book; I was ready for more. Over the years; Diana Gabaldon has written several more books in the series. May I say, that I bought them as soon as they were out and read them each voraciously. I started loaning my books out and found that sometimes they were lost or destroyed. So, I now own all the books in paperback for sharing and a set of hard back, that never leave my house.

Steve says that I have a shrine to Diana, I secretly know that the shrine is really to Jamie. The theme of the story is about the adventures of an RN in 1945 who goes back in time. She is forced to marry (thank goodness) a Scottish warlord named Jamie (sigh) whom she does fall in love with. The story includes history, botany, witchcraft, medical care and time travel. Oh yes, and some very hot romance!

Everyone that I have recommended the books to have thoroughly enjoyed them. I remember that we girls were having a discussion about a part in the book, the administrator of our building came up behind us and on cue, he said the very words that Jamie said in the story. We all jumped out of our skin and asked how did he know. He said that his wife was so lost in the books that he decided to read them so he knew what she was up to. He said that he enjoyed them as well and completed the series. Lucky wife! I often wondered if there was a bit of role play at that household.

About 5 years ago, I had a hysterectomy ( I do not recommend it) I thought that I was going to be able to return to dancing, and going to the gym the very same week. The way that I forced myself to stay down, so that I could fully recover, was to listen to these books on CD. I got them at the library. The lady who read the book sounded just like I imagine the heroine “Clair” to sound.

I hear that a mini series is in the making….


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2 Responses to My Favorite Fiction Series of All Time

  1. Shelly says:

    Loved the books too! The TV show looks to be staying true to the book, which I always appreciate! 🙂

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