The Journey Begins

My cute little house.

My cute little house.

No, this is not really a picture of it, but I raised my kids in a 3 bedroom, 2  bathroom home in North East Phoenix. It has a 7,000 sq ft lot. Though not huge, it was big enough to raise organic food in my backyard. There was an orange tree, room for grape vines and lots of room for gardens. Though everything that I did there was not allowed in the zoning, I was respectful of my neighbors, so they did not seem to mind the various animal noises that may have come from our backyard.

Though just less than 1600 sq ft. The house is full of character. I called it my “lighthouse”. My kids felt comfortable bringing their friends over after church, and for holidays. The kitchen is huge. It is open to the family room and the backyard’s covered patio; so it was perfect for church potluck suppers. My down payment came from an auto accident. I was rear ended by a kid that was weaving in and out of traffic. He was driving daddy’s car in a great big hurry. After months of physical therapy, I was awarded a small settlement. I worked hard for that money. So I have always felt that this was “my” house. I have also felt that the house was the only way that I had to provide any kind of inheritance to my two children.

After marrying Steve and moving into his big beautiful home in Chandler, I rented out that house. So, not only was it a safe place to raise my children, it has also provided me with an income. It has taken a beating over the last few years of renting. But I would still live in it-in a heart beat. I love that house.

Now it is time for my house to become a home to another family. In doing so, it will provide me with the down payment for this “farm” that I keep talking about.  You see, I am what is called a “laid-back doer”. My dreams are not mere fantasies. They are plans. But I am patient and willing to wait for the right timing.

Much prayer has gone into this plan. I have shared my dream here on this blog. A place where I can grow enough clean, organically raised food to feed our adult children and grandchildren. A place where they can learn the importance of where good food actually comes from. A place to SHARE the knowledge that I have gained from my personal experiences with others.  By the way, this will not diminish my children’s inheritance, but enhance it.  

I have been watching and waiting for Steve to catch the dream. I have found that he is a dreamer too, and has his own vision. His kids were not yet independent, so he has put off his dreams. He is a giver and has put his adult children above his own happiness. Now that the last one finally has a job, he can actually move on with his own goals. What is really nice is that his goals are very much in line with mine.

He loves trees, landscaping and plants. He loves putzing around and fixing things.  He wants a garage that is not full of other people’s storage. He would also love to have a workshop. I am a lucky girl!

So, the first step was to give my renters notice. They have been awesome and will conclude their contract on June 1st. When school is out in June, Steve will take some vacation time. We will camp out over there for a few days. We will have painting, pizza parties for all who come to help clean, paint, and recarpet. We will have the house ready to put on the market in July.

Stay tuned for more adventures on our journey to the farm.

I see a work shop, don't you?

I see a work shop, don’t you?


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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3 Responses to The Journey Begins

  1. Joe Mammino says:

    So nice to hear about visions and the work to make the vision come true. Well done Donna and Steve

  2. Thank you Joe. How about dinner at the farm under the stars a year from now?

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