Well, Hellooo Emma!



When it comes to shopping, it may seem to some that I am fickle. But there is a secret to that part of me. While I do lots of window shopping, it takes a long time for me to make a decision to buy. I may not be wise with my time, but I am wise with my money.

About a year ago, I started thinking that it would be nice to have some white dishes. That way I could dress the table with home made place mats and napkins and no matter what pattern I picked, the plates would not clash. Besides food looks so delicious on white plates. So I began my search.

I wanted something that was truly microwave safe. I found that a dish is not truly microwave safe unless it can be placed in the microwave without heating up. Have you ever placed your microwave safe plate in the microwave and burned yourself taking it out? Thought so! Me too! I have been informed that there is still some lead (lead? now wonder we are all  crazy!) in our ceramic dishes.

So my search took me to William and Sonoma. Youch! Beautiful dishes, great big prices. But that is where I met my lovely friend Ms. C. She was so knowledgeable about things like All Clad Pans and Le Creuset pots. Whenever I walked through the mall, I would peek in to see if she was there. I enjoyed playing in that store, but never made the big buy.

When that store closed, I started playing in Pottery Barn and found that they were smart enough to hire my friend Ms. C. So I continued our visits. Each week, I would go in and drool over the “Gabriella” dishes, but I just could not bring myself to make the commitment.

For my birthday, my daughter; Ms. M gave me a gift certificate to Pottery Barn. This would make it easier to make “Gabriella” mine. But when my favorite Friday friend (Ms. V) and I went into the store-there it was-“The Emma Collection”. It was there all the time; Pottery Barn’s best selling collection. Just waiting for my discovery.

Now I am the proud owner of 4 complete place settings of “The Emma Collection”. There will be more trips to purchase additional pieces, but that will come with time.

I will also be making some placemats and napkins. I am not big into table cloths because I love to look at my dark wood; farm style table.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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