To My Favorite Friday Friend

I do not care how busy I get, this lady will be the last person crossed off my list. To spare her embarrassment, we will call her Ms. V. I have known her as long as I have known Steve. Actually she was friends with Steve before I met him.

Every Friday we walk each other. I walk her to help her de stress, and she walks me to help me de stress. When the weather is nice, we hike South Mountain. When it is hot, we walk the mall. When we walk the mall, we stop and get See’s candy. Then we stop at Godiva and then I stop at Macy’s for a spritz of my favorite perfume. How can you get into trouble at the mall?


I have had my eye on a certain place setting at Pottery Barn. I go and visit it every week. I also have a favorite salesperson (Ms. C) who helps me so much when I am there, even if I do not buy anything. I like to move things around; and make the place my home, Ms. C  encourages me to do so (smart woman).

Well, today we were there, and I was mix matching plates. Ms. V was getting nervous because a couple of the floor girls that dress the tables were watching me (I was just helping). It was obvious that they did not like what I was doing. Ms. V was being so patient with me and actually liked the look that I put together. I liked it too. So much so, that I decided I was finely ready to buy.

As I moved away to find Ms. C, I noticed the two girls swoop in (darting less than nice looks in my direction) to put everything back in their original boring order. It is ok, they are too inexperienced to know. Not only did I tell Ms. C that I was ready to buy, and would wait for her to be available, but I also brought her to the table to show her the look that I liked. My poor friend Ms. V became nervous (and mumbling threats of leaving the store) that I was going to start moving all the plates around again. I could feel the  two floor girls peeking around the curtains at us.

While Ms. C went off to get the place settings that I asked for, I asked to see the manager Ms. T (they all rhyme, I like it). I told Ms. T how Ms. C encourages me week after week to play in the store. Because of her encouragement, I will only buy from her. I also told Ms. T how the two floor girls were behaving, and that they should be encouraged to relax when someone like me walks into the store. Ms. T told me that is the reason that Ms. C receives  employee of the month so often.

Here is to Ms. C- May she win every month. I am writing a letter to the company to honor her.

But most of all.. Here is to you my friend Ms. V. You are my favorite Friday friend.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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